Summaries for Quantitative Finance

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Awk Cheat Sheet:

Bash Cheat Sheet for UNIX Systems:

Git Cheat Sheet: AtlassianGitHub.

Grep Cheat Sheet:

Maven Quick Reference Card:

Pandas. Minimally Sufficient PandasMinimally Sufficient Pandas CheatsheetData Wrangling with PandasPython for Data Science Pandas BasicsKaggle Pandas Cheatsheet.

RStudio. RStudio Cheat Sheets.

Scoop Quick Start: 

Sed Cheat Sheet:

SQL Cheat Sheet:

Vim Cheat Sheet:

wget tutorial: wget -mkEpnp -e robots=off [link];

Deitel: Java How to Program  - Early Objections, Appendix M Creating Documentation with javadoc.

RebelLabs Reports (Java ecosystem):

Expectation Maximization algorithm


Last updated: 2018-11-06